3L Development is operational since 1998 and registered as a NPO in 2001. In 2015, the name was changed from Thabiso NGO to 3L Development as the organisation believes everyone should Live Life in Light.

A paradigm shift was made, to deter focus from the broad community developmental approach and completely focus on three specific areas, namely; Socio-Economic Empowerment – 3L Development strives to uplift and empower underprivileged communities.

Early Learning- The fundamental key to future growth is education.

Skills Development – The organisation assists in affirming a place and position as an SA citizen.

The organisation manages a well-developed Early Learning program. Two community service centres are established in Barkly West and Warrenton, Northern Cape. 3L Development was appointed as the implementation agent for the governmental project: Community Work Program (CWP) which provides the participants with freedom from poverty.

For the past 18 years, 3L Development has specialized in: Home Based Care, Governance & Transformation, Socio-economic programs, Water related projects, Project Management and Training related projects.




Enlighten lives for a better tomorrow.


3L Development strives to empower communities in order for every individual to reach their full potential to live dignified and successful lives. Through accredited training, community development programs, project management and administrative support.


3L Development is mainly operation in the Northern Cape and Free State Province. 3L Development has reached conducted community development programmes in all 26 Municipalities of the Northern Cape Province. Currently, we are restoring dignity to 110 wards in the Northern Cape Province.

3L Development is a ground based organization. We ensure all programmes implemented by 3L Development have the full support of the community and are community owned from conception of the programme. All resources and material remain the property of the community.

The end goal of each programme is to ensure the community and beneficiaries are fully equipped with resources and knowledge. Empowerment of the community is the main objective.

Areas of Operation:

  • Dikgatlong
  • Ga-Segonyana
  • Hantam
  • Hertzogville
  • Joe Morolong
  • //Khara Hais
  • !Kheis
  • Magareng
  • Nama Khoi
  • Phokwane
  • Sol Plaatje
  • Tsantsabane


Once upon a time, there were communities who did not have clean water, housing, schooling or jobs.

Today, these communities have clean water, proper housing, are well-educated citizens and can compete with the world’s best. This can only be done through hard work, and good partnerships between government and non-government organizations, and businesses.

This is where 3L Development sees its place in society.

None of this would have been made possible if one woman did not follow her dream…

She has always had a burning desire to help those less fortunate. Since inception of 3L Development in 1998, she has worked hard to lift the organization to new heights.

She had a dream one night. In hindsight, she realised this was more a vision than a dream. In this dream she was stirring a huge pot and inside this pot a magnificent light brewed. As she continued stirring this light started to bubble over and flow from the pot. The light spread into the house, the street and the entire world. This light represented the light of God bringing hope and happiness to all that do not have it.

She realised how significant this dream was in her everyday life. And she knew she had to act upon this dream and involve people as passionate as she is to come together and ensure the light is spread.

And so, this dream became a reality. 3L Development was born. 3L Development’s fundamental belief is to Live Life in Light.