The Palesa Project

My name is Palesa, I do not have any family except my grandmother who is sick. My mom used to abuse alcohol while i was still in her tummy. She passed away when i was still very young. My aunt then came to look after me and my grandmother. Last year my aunt also passed away and now it’s only me and my grandmother. The two of us live in a 1-room shanty…

A distant uncle takes my grandmother to get her pensions once a month, but he takes most of the money for himself and leaves us with a bit of maize, a small packet of meat, and a few tins of food every month. It does not last long. I have to then go beg for food for us.

I see other children going to school but I don’t have a birth certificate or school clothes, so I can’t go to school.

Since the community work programme participants started working in our area, my granny and I have received a lot of support.

One very nice lady, Mapule, took me and my granny to the clinic for a check-up. I now also get a social grant to help support me and my granny.

The friendly ladies also cook food for us, washed us, and keep our home clean. I am now enrolled in a pre-school and I’m excited to learn.





I used to work at the Post Office doing deliveries. I became very ill with kidney problems and I am a diabetic. I lost my job because I was too sick to work. I received no income in the time that I was so sick. For almost 2 years I was unable to work. I used to spend weeks on end in the hospital when I was really sick! I struggled to cope with all my problems. I had no support…

A ward counselor informed me about the Community Works Program. Since I started working again, my stress levels have decreased. I no longer dwell on my problems. I am always around people that uplift and encourage me. My medical costs are covered with the monthly salary I receive, especially the diabetic medication. My fellow participants care about me. We often share food with each other and offer each other support. I am no longer lonely. My body is growing stronger every day. I feel a lot happier. 

I hope to get promoted in the CWP Program, I want to be a site facilitator one day. The CWP Program really changed my life!

Early Childhood Development – Playgroup

I fell pregnant in matric and had to drop out, I completed my schooling later on. I was unemployed for a long time until I started assisting with administrative tasks at a soup kitchen. My personal life was bad because my 12 year old child gave me many problems regarding discipline. He was disobedient and stubborn, I cried myself to sleep over this for many nights. 

When I heard about the ECD program I was so excited to get started! There is a day care centre in my community but they only take children aged 3- 5 years. I immediately started recruiting small children between the ages of 0 – 2 years. Yes, there have been roadblocks but that has not stopped me and I have the support from the parents in the community. 

I have learned so much since receiving the ECD training. I can discipline my child the right way and assist with his homework because I now have the skills. I communicate better with my child because I understand his needs. And the bond I have with the children in my playgroup and, especially with my own child, is very strong. The parents trust me so much that they bring their older children after school for me to help with their homework . I love children and I love working with them. I am so grateful for this opportunity. 

I hope to make a difference with the early childhood development because I see the educational gap in the Gr R learners. I hope to make a positive change in these children’s lives.


We met Talana while recruiting in Vioolsdrift. She had been standing in line to apply for the Community Works Program. When it was her turn to fill in the contract, her neighbour told us she is mute and deaf. She is able to read lips but she would not be able to reply. To our surprise she was fully literate. She was able to complete the contact and sign where required.

Talana was born with this disability, but it has never stopped her from reaching her dreams. She has a child that she raises on her own and she has worked on different projects over the past few years.

She does not allow her disability to determine her life. Even though she has many obstacles in her way, she conquers each one. 3L Development is proud to have given her the opportunity to continue improving her life.